Hello there fans! I am the Crazy Clown. You have probably seen me around Murfreesboro, dancing for you and carrying my Love You All sign. If you want to see me, come visit All American Cafe and see a lot of pictures with me and my biggest fans. While you are there, you can also enjoy a Bomb Burger or have the best Breakfast Omelette in town! 

Once upon a time, I lived in a place that didn’t have such great Bomb Burgers, doughnuts, or weed hash browns. It was a sad time. When I came to Murfreesboro and had such amazing food, I wanted to get as much as I can and share this great food with everyone in the city. That’s why I dance! 

If you want to meet me, you can come by All American Cafe on Halloween where I say hello and take pictures with a lot of my biggest fans. I can also come hang out at your birthday parties and special events. Contact me for more details HERE Don’t forget to like my Facebook Page because that’s where I can talk to you (because I don’t actually talk!) HERE

If you see me out and about, take a picture and share it on my Facebook page and get a yummy prize! I am working really hard because I want to open my own All American Cafe in Murfreesboro soon. 

If my dancing brings a smile to your face, it makes my day! So if you see me dancing, give me a big wave. Did you miss my dancing? No worries! I have many videos on YouTube as well. 

 Until I see you again, enjoy the great food at All American Cafe!

~The Crazy Clown

Crazy Clown on YouTube

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